May highlights

June 13, 2018

A little late posting May's highlights due to a trip across the pond. Whilst traveling through five states, I took the following shot in Antelope, Oregon. If any of you watched Netflix's Wild Wild Country, you'll recognise it from the show. The small town of Antelope was briefly renamed Rajneeshpuram, after around 7,000 followers of the spiritual leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh moved in, and took over the town in the 1980's. Antelope is now back in Oregonians hands, yet the derelict buildings still have an eerie feel

Heading east through stunning Oregon and Idaho, led me to the jaw-dropping Yellowstone National Park. Choosing just one image was a tough task, this shot is of the Morning Glory Pool, in the Upper Geysey Basin

Back on home soil, it was election time for some councils and boroughs across the UK.  The Liberal Democrats celebrated a comfortable win in Watford

Yet it was all too much for some volunteers

An interesting story picked up by The Metro, hears of Claire Tiffen's anguish as deceased boyfriend is summoned to court 


Inside Royal Mail's Hemel Hempstead depot with Martin Binks, who leads a number of technology projects for the company. Another one for the Royal Mail Courier


A shocking piece for the Times Series as Caroline Allison battles with Network Homes to rid her flat of mould and dry rot.

And finally, smiling faces as Rickmansworth Sea Scouts receive a generous donation from building merchant Travis Perkins