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January highlights

February 05, 2018


Seeing as it's the start of a new year, I thought I would start a monthly blog, just a few of my favourite jobs of the month.


My first job of the year was a really interesting one. Gareth Halliday is a Watford postman with a great talent for collage art. Noel Gallagher ordered one of his prints from his website at the end of 2016, leading to a conversation between the pair and commissioning Gareth to design Noel's album artwork. After months spent designing different concepts for Noel, a selection of images were chosen to be used on the albums sleeve, including the front cover of Noel's latest release "Who Built the Moon"

Watford postman Gareth Halliday designs Noel Gallagher's album covers

Another great job, involving one of my favourite subjects: dogs. IPSE commissioned me to take some pictures of Rentadesk's pet friending co-working space in Soho, London.

Animal friendly workspace at Rentadesk The Grift is a fantastic interactive play, encircling it's audience into the middle of an adventure on how to pull off the perfect con. I met with director Tom Salamon whilst working with The Wharf in Bethnal Green, London.

The Grift director Tom Salamon

The Grift director Tom Salamon

Another great job for The Wharf, was this feature on vegan donuts. The Dough Society, Hackney produces a dazzling array of vegan friendly donuts. Here's owner Lauren...with some donuts.

Lauren at Donut Society in Hockey, a vegan donut cafe A great story of brotherly love now, as eleven year old Mikie Bowens saves his five year old brothers life, after Paddy choked on a Quaver. 

Mikie Bowens (11) saves little brothers Paddy (5) life after he choked on a Quaver

The annual 'Retailer of the Year' awards in St Albans celebrates the best in local retailer, held at the Alban Arena

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