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July highlights

August 14, 2018
A real mixed bag this month, including a Christmas in July event which felt bizarre in the 30 degree heat of London But my highlight would have to be photographing hundreds of opera singers taking part in "Sing Him Out" - part of the Women's March movement during the anti-Trump protests in London A hot and muggy Thursday morning in July was a s...
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June highlights

July 05, 2018
Having been away for half of the month, June has been a little quiet. I took the time this month to focus on a little side venture - animal photography. A huge thank you to the National Animal Welfare Trust in Watford for letting me photograph some of their long standing residents. Setting up a studio in one of their back rooms, I was lucky enough...
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May highlights

June 13, 2018
A little late posting May's highlights due to a trip across the pond. Whilst traveling through five states, I took the following shot in Antelope, Oregon. If any of you watched Netflix's Wild Wild Country, you'll recognise it from the show. The small town of Antelope was briefly renamed Rajneeshpuram, after around 7,000 followers of the spiritual l...
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April highlights

May 01, 2018
A few days of decent spring-like weather graced us this month, enabling me to work on my other photography venture - dog photography (details coming soon). Cashing in on the good weather, the wonderful Kefla is photographed here giving me a cheeky side grin at the Aquadrome in Rickmansworth And obviously, having a run with a stick Back to busines...
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March highlights

April 05, 2018
Generally understood to be the beginning of spring, March can be a lovely time of year. Unfortunately this year, winter continued to linger and with it came lots and lots of rain. Nonetheless, some interesting jobs this month, and a long standing ambition came true when a picture of mine was used in this month's Lonely Planet magazine, taken at Pub...
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